Easter: A Love Exchange (Part I)

Easter: A Love Exchange (Part I)

A few of you have been thinking

  • “When will this pandemic end?”,
  • “Am I financially prepared for this period?”
  • “Is there anything worth rejoicing in the midst of this uncertainty?”,
  • “What is there to really celebrate when the world is experiencing loss of lives, jobs, economies and more?

When we feel uncertain, it feels dark, cloudy, frustrating and overwhelming. Those dark moments push us to seek for light in form of comfort or clarity. The world today is seeking answers that can cure this virus affecting individuals, communities and nations rapidly. You see how our frontline healthcare workers are working so hard to ensure lives are saved. It’s similar to how Jesus had to risk His life for all humanity to be saved and experience an abundant life. As a Christian, where does my hope lie in such uncertain time? My hope lies in the fact that the light & life we seek is found in Jesus Christ. Why do I say this?

Mike Todd said “Easter is the Super Bowl of the Christian Faith”. The story of Easter is about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a redemptive exchange between death and life. It’s a promise that the Son of God [Jesus Christ] had to die, be raised to life after 3 days; so that humanity can be saved. That salvation is what enables us to have a personal relationship with God - the Father. The moment Jesus cried out on the cross and “gave up His Spirit”, the veil in the sanctuary (that separates the people from the Father) was torn into two. He had to go through this process of dying to Himself so you and I can be raised to an abundant life. Jesus had to go through pain so we don’t have to. His pain had a purpose. That purpose was you and is still you. This is what quality love looks like. 

Bruh, how does all this relate to me? 

In the past, we didn't have full access into the presence of God. You know when the groom lifts up the brides veil during a wedding ceremony, it signifies the groom can get intimate with the bride. We look forward to the moment where couples lock lipsss, oshey! When the curtains were split into two, we as the bride now have unlimited access to be intimate with our groom. As humans, we have this selfish tendency to give only when we know we will get something in return. God loved us so much even when He knew we will fall short yesterday, today and tomorrow, He still gave. He gave His only Son so that we can have full, undiluted and intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. I know there are areas in your life that you want to be revived. That is why Jesus had to rise from the dead. To give you abundant life, good health, peace of mind, prosperity, healing and every good thing you need. This is a Love like no other. A selfless love worth sharing...

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Wonderful reminder ❤️ . I pray we live in His love. That our lives reflect our gratitude


God gave his all to us despite humanity’s disinclination to do likewise.

That’s how deep his love is for us.

God is love!


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