Poem: “Quality Love”

Poem: “Quality Love”

A love that trusts,

A love that values,

A love that calms,

A love that forgives,

A love that protects,

A love that corrects,

A love with integrity,

A love that builds up,

A love that conquers,

A love that perseveres,

A love with no room for pride,

A love that rejoices over me with gladness,

A love that tattoos my name on the palm of His hands,

This love I found in You,

Standard Love.

You are my hiding place,

You are certain about me,

You are selfless in serving me,

You are patient in correcting me,

You are pure in your intentions towards me,

You are relentless in the way you pursue me,

You are intentional about showing you love me,

You are conscious about teaching me how to please you,

You are committed to walking this journey of life with me,

You are passionate about making me a better version of myself,

This love I found in You,

Quality Love.


A love better than wine,

Getting better with time,

That Song-of-Solomon type of passion 🔥,

Fused with honey 🍯, sandalwood spice😍, jazzy feels🎷 and pure devotion 🎯

Our love, reflecting how Daddy loves us,

That type, committed to loving each other whole,

Our love can be found, in Him

Standard Love.


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Solid girl!! Sooo good. Love it 🙌🏻


This is so nice Bade 💕


Wow! 😍




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