Easter: A Love Exchange (Part II)

Easter: A Love Exchange (Part II)

I created this blog to share experiences of what has helped me on my journey towards wholeness. Today, I recall where this resurrection power brought me out from & I want to share a bit of that with you.

The past 3 years were my “dark years”. I studied Psychology so I know a bit about the science of human mind and behaviour. So, I thought things like anxiety, depression? it can never be me. Plus, I’m a child of God and servant in His house. No weapon formed against me shall prosper ní 🙅🏾‍♀️. Then, I noticed I unconsciously started to settle in every area. At first, I didn’t realize I was experiencing symptoms of depression. My thoughts were maybe these personal challenges are just stressing me out so I’ll get over it. Then, I started to lack appetite, breaking out on my face, losing weight, not believing in myself, having thoughts of death/suicide and withdrawing. I began to feel lifeless, worthless, alone, forsaken, “cursed”, unworthy and withered. During those times of drought, God’s Love was constant. He chased after me. He listened to me, heard me and comforted me. I really felt like No one ever cared for me like Jesus didOvertime, I found satisfaction in Him everytime I spent quality time in His Presence. 3am’s were our date nights. I started journalling and writing short verses during that period. Disclaimer: I’m not a singer ooo but I dey burst only Daddy Jesus with my voice ☺️. He overwhelmed me with His love. He reassured me through His Word that I can be whole again. He showed me that I don’t have to feel trapped and I can be free mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally, spiritually and financially. He reminded me that I don’t have to hide anymore and I can trade my brokenness for His wholeness. That is why today, I love to laugh intentionally no matter the challenges. Sometimes I didn't understand how I would get through valleys that looked like death but something in me hoped in God. I’ve a track record of how Daddy has walked me through uncertain seasons. The times where I thought that challenge was the end of me, He told me He was just getting started. He used “uncertain times“ to bring out refreshing experiences for me. I have seen Him as my defence, my provider, my comforter, my restorer, my healer, the lifter of my head, and growing. That is why I personally believe He can bring any “dead situation” to life. Nothing which includes this virus is impossible for this Good Father to take care of - in His time.

Badé Obasa; Bade Obasa Blog  

In this season of Easter, I want you to know that what feels trapped, dead, confusing or broken in you, can regain freedom, life, clarity and wholeness. What you thought was dead is coming back to life. I don’t know about you but this gives me hope. Growing up in a Christian home, I didn’t really get the essence of Easter lol. Even till last year. Now, I have a personal understanding of the significance of Easter. Even when I didn't “deserve” it, His love is fiercely committed to making me whole.

Today, you can encounter the resurrecting power of His love. That same power that raises people out of poverty, sin and shame. That same power can bring life into any withered situation. That same power has the ability to turn your pain to purpose, your ashes to beauty, your brokenness to wholeness. All you have to do is surrender. Surrendering to Jesus is not bondage, it is freedom and it comes with transparency.

These 4 foundational steps can help you start or nurture your already existing relationship with your Father. 

  • be honest: real relationships thrive on authenticity and honesty. Tell God how you feel. If you feel unworthy to even get to know Him, tell Him. If you have been hurt by situations, family, friends, church authority/people or sin that might have “pushed you away” from Him, tell Him. Ask Him to show you He is real and He will. Ask Him for a personal encounter during this period of uncertainty. Tell Him you want to experience His resurrection power in areas of your life. Be specific. Tell Him you want to stop playing games with your walk. Tell Him you want to do what pleases Him. Tell Him you  want to know Him intimately and He will direct your steps to the right people and resources. Ask Him to help you. Ask Him questions. Be prepared to listen and obey. 
  • be thankful: regardless of the uncertainty in the world, God is STILL GOOD. This fact remains. Even when you don’t feel like it, He is STILL GOOD. Remember the times He saw you (or your loved one) through tough times and be thankful. Thank God for who He is and has always been. Ask Him to show you how to be thankful, He will. Journal what you are grateful for and create time to worship Him. When we focus on Him, our perspective about Him changes - even when our situation may not. 
  • be personal: Personal intimacy is key to knowing God. God’s presence is not only in a church building, it is also in and with you. You can’t rely solely on your parents, pastors or friends knowledge of who God is. You have to be intentional in getting to know Him yourself. You need to grow in hearing God for yourself. Now that we can’t go to church physically, it’s time to actually build or rebuild that friendship with Jesus. My walk is so different for yours but there are basics everyone needs. Reading the Bible. Worshipping. Praying. Fasting. Take practical steps. Download the Bible App. Bring out your Bible. Get a notepad. Create a worship playlist. Put your phone aside or off. Create undistracted time where you speak to your Heavenly Father, He listens and vice versa.  Start small then increase. 15 minutes quiet time today, be consistent then increase. Remember that being intentional in getting to know who your friend is requires time, consistency and effort. Don’t compare your walk with another persons. 
  • be connected: You are not alone. I know we are practicing physical distancing but you don’t have to be isolated emotionally, mentally  and spiritually. As you focus on building personal intimacy, having a secure community helps on your journey. Get accountability partners who you can be authentic with. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you as you search online churches and connect groups around the world. Find what edifies you in Christ and stay connected. 

Happy Easter to the #badéstforce ever. Thank you for riding with me. This lockdown period has made us realize we can’t afford to take vital people and things for granted. So, I hope this encourages you to know that you have a GOOD Father who is certain. You can trust and hope in Him even in uncertain times. I hope my journey encourages you to build a very authentic & intimate relationship with Daddy because He loves you fiercely. All your sins have been forgiven. His love makes you whole. His love sets you free. His love satisfies and it has nothing to do with what mistakes you have done. He is a gentleman so it’s up to you to give Him full access into your heart. I pray you begin this journey where you encounter and know the resurrecting power of His Love more intimately than ever ❤️

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Yes, surrendering to Jesus is not bondage but freedom.

True freedom is found only in Christ.

This was something that took me a long time to understand. People think that being a Christian means not being free to do what you want to do when it actually means being free to be who you are. Because in reality, what we may like/want to do is not good for our health and God cares for us so much that he’s saying,

“Come to me, I’ll free you from this thing. This addiction that has warped your mind and chained you. Come to me and be who you truly are. Be who I’ve created you to be.”


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