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Loving ⋆ Learning ⋆ Laughing

A mental wellness blog that focuses on sharing personal experiences and conversations with others around challenges and resources used to foster mental wellness in our day-to-day lives.

Everything gonna be, okay?!

Get into it!

Progression Not Perfection (Part II)

"Love you my daughter, this has healed a part of me too… Thank you"

Regina O.

Waiting with Intention (Part II)

"This is such a word Bade. Thank you for this encouragement and for sharing your journey. Honestly! So grateful that you found strength in midst of all that was happening. You didn’t give up! It’s amazing! I can’t wait for aaaall of what you’re waiting on to come through. You deserve all the joy and celebration that’s coming. ❤️"

Dara A.

6 Women Empowering Me Towards Financial Freedom

"I am new to saving – it used to be such a daunting concept to me mostly because I know nothing lol, but this gives me a good starting place. I am super excited"

Ore R.

Spoken Word: “At Your Own Pace”

"We always forget we are not to be in competition with anyone and instead focus on being the best version of ourselves. This blog is a reminder to be just that. Thanks for the reminder girl! 😌"

Christianah O.