Waiting with Intention (Part II)

Waiting with Intention (Part II)

Happy weekend y’all! It’s been how many months? I know I play around too much lol but wanted to share something from my heart. First, I hope you’re doing better and having a relaxing weekend so far. Mehn, crazy (yet expectant) things have been happening this year for me, word to Tems. Most importantly, praise be to the Most High God for orchestrating every single chapter of my life, until this very moment. You’ve been my sustenance 🤍. 

In part one of waiting with intention, I shared three (3) things that help me wait with intention. In addition, I learnt to LIVE WHILE WAITING over the last year. It’s funny how my friends now say they admire the fact that “I don’t need a lot to have a fun time by myself”. During my years of lack, I was forced to do great with small. I had to use that time spent at home (babysitting peoples children, discovering the gift of writing, cleaning homes while job hunting, taking free online courses, attending job fairs and career workshops especially at Invest Ottawa and so on). All these were before the pandemic so I guess that’s why being at home during the pandemic didn’t bother me or impact my mental health. I had already discovered how to engage myself mentally, while at home. During that period, I got to face ME with all the pain, and scars. Like who am I at my core without any titles & shii. Like can you introduce yourself without your past/current positions or titles or accomplishments? I began to enjoy the process of getting to know more about myself, ways to improve and grow more in love with myself; unapologetically.

2017-2019 were my sorrowful years. I was a walking zombie. I hoped and hoped for things to manifest but they kept taking years. “Did you try praying to God?”. Lol don’t even get me started on that and how one time, I prayed that Jabez prayer so vigorously (omo!) to the point where I hit my mouth on the chair in front of me and chipped my front tooth *readers in uttermost shock*. The point is, I used to focus so much on the things I was hoping for, that I didn’t create time to enjoy the present moments while hoping. Now, I‘m loving, learning and laughing in abundance - at my own pace.  Now, I’m in a better place of ease. I’ve nurtured (to some extent) the mental capacity to withstand. That no matter how long it takes for that desired outcome to manifest, I will rather become stronger than weaker, hopeful than hopeless, better than bitter, content than discontent. It doesn’t mean I don’t have down days. It just means there are more up days than downs. I’m not anxious again, and I’m living my life intentionally, within my means. God has proven to me time after time that He’s got me so why should I be having high-blood pressure? Not anymore. Over here, we are not perfect but we progressing baaaybee. Before I needed a good reason to celebrate. Now, any form of progress pushes me to celebrate - no matter how small. My friends know this 😂. It took me a while to get here but I’m glad I’m here now. Present. Peaceful. Progressing. Joyful. Content. Hopeful for Impact.

To anyone reading this hopeful for something(s) that have been taking years to manifest, it is important you continue to put in work alongside prayers and/or writing down & verbalizing positive affirmations. However, as you do all, create time to live intentionally while you wait. It will come, in due time. In your own time, the absolute best time!

Lastly, I want to use this opportunity to appreciate all my amazing family and friends (you know yourselves *wink*). You helped me, you encouraged me, you spoke life over me. Thank you. Gbogbo wa la ma jé breakfast, lunch, dinner plus dessert, at the RIGHT time. I go order Azul for una haha. I love you all 🤍


p.s empathy is very necessary to nurture. Please genuinely be kind without expecting anything in return and be good to people in general. You never know what challenges they are going through behind *drops mic*


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This is such a word Bade. Thank you for this encouragement and for sharing your journey. Honestly! So grateful that you found strength in midst of all that was happening. You didn’t give up! It’s amazing! I can’t wait for aaaall of what you’re waiting on to come through. You deserve all the joy and celebration that’s coming. ❤️


Always refreshing to read your posts..

I hope to stay hopeful and always look at the positive while waiting 😊

Jamilla D.

This is awesome, wishing more life, strength and victory to those out there still struggling to come to peace with the events around them.


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