Spoken Word: “At Your Own Pace”

Spoken Word: “At Your Own Pace”


have kids now, 
get married now,
buy that house now,
launch that business now,
get that higher education now,
Now, Now, Now,

Don’t rush,
Don’t allow people project their fears on you,
Don’t allow society pressure you to overproduce,
Don’t allow social media push you to show off beyond your means while you struggle secretly,
Their pace is not your pace.

It is true that there are deadlines,
It is true that time waits for no one,
It is true that tomorrow is not promised,
It is also true that you can be miserable doing
something that does not bring you fulfillment or peace. 

So remember to,
Build, at your own pace
Discover, at your own pace

Explore, at your own pace 
Flourish, at your own pace
Give, at your own pace
Grieve, at your own pace
Heal, at your own pace
Save, at your own pace 
Invest, at your own pace
Laugh, at your own pace
Lead, at your own pace
Learn, at your own pace 
Live, at your own pace
Love, at your own pace
Release, at your own pace

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We always forget we are not to be in competition with anyone and instead focus on being the best version of ourselves. This blog is a reminder to be just that. Thanks for the reminder girl! 😌

Christianah Fashogbon

Your posts refresh me. I love how you write. Thank you for this reminder 😊


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