lmaoo, you were not expecting that answer right? muahahaha. Well, it's my birthday today! I actually had a post about "the 23 things I have learnt in the past 23 years" but then something changed during my time of reflection. I said screw this. This past year was ABSOLUTELY TOUGH. A lot of tears, delay or resistance. I questioned so many things, everything. Nothing made sense. Like the actual heck? But guess what? The beautiful thing is that my core had to be rebuilt for what I know God has been preparing me for lol. Instead, I chose to write this letter from a place of authority and gratitude not regret. After all, this is what my blog is about ;)

Dear Potter & Daddy,
Thank you for the times where I

  • was weak,
  • was hurt,
  • lost hope,
  • felt alone,
  • took risks,
  • lost weight,
  • was scared,
  • cried to bed,
  • was confused,
  • was corrected,
  • was (very) angry,
  • was mistreated,
  • was unemployed,
  • borrowed money,
  • attempted suicide,
  • was lied to & upon,
  • was in the hospital,
  • got rejection letters,
  • almost lost my mind,
  • questioned my worth,
  • waited for good news,
  • could not afford to eat,

On this day, I say thank you for the past 23 years. Thank you for going ahead of me into this year. I chose to declare that you are GOOD in my life. You satisfy me. You keep getting better. Thank you for being constant in my life. Thank you for making me so beautiful and wonderfully complex. Thank you for creating me with the talents, visions, passions, strengths and weaknesses in me. Thank you for making me into a masterpiece. Thank you for loving me so fiercely. Thank you for forgiving me. Thank you for keeping me sane. Thank you for healing me. Thank you for clarity of vision and peace of mind. Thank you for laughter. Thank you for restoring me. Thank you for blessing me with a healthy support system. Thank you for teaching me to walk in wisdom. Thank you for standing up and fighting for me. Thank you for gracing me with strength; like steel. Thank you for refining me so deeply for whatever it is you have been preparing me for. Thank you for developing my roots under ground and in the dark because I know you are making me into a firm tree for nations to be blessed, eat and take refuge. Thank you because every pain is now being turned into power, purpose and profit. You are just getting started with me. You are walking with me every day this year. I declare that my 24th year will be one like never before. I will work smarter; like never before. I will live; like never before. I will forgive; like never before. I will love; like never before. I will laugh; like never before. I will harvest; like never before. I will learn; like never before. I will sow; like never before. I will rejoice; like never before. I will be planted in your will for my life; like never before. I will bear good fruit; like never before. I will be heavy with fruit; like never before. I will invest in resources and experiences; like never before. I will be resilient; like never before. I will flourish like the palm tree; like never before.

This is my year of ease, establishment and sweetness🍯. This year, I declare that I am walking in wisdom, breaking into new levels and marching forth in God's name. I will flourish emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially Amen.

Now, i'm off to enjoy my dayyyyyy 💃💃💃#YearOfPeacePurposeProsperity



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