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About Badé Obasa


"The best, most authentic version of you is to be whole" - Badé Obasa


I am releasing this to the universe that I am open and accepting paid modelling partnerships lol.


My Story

What if I told you I had content for this blog 3 years ago and yet you are just seeing this? What if I told you I have gotten discouraged so many times because I did not think I was 'ready' or that my life seemed like a rollercaster? Have you ever felt that way? That is what fear does to us. They are limits that keep us from flourishing. My fears may be different from yours but its goal is to cripple us from living FULLY. Through every posts, I am committed to taking one step closer to healing, living and loving whole. As you walk on this journey with me, it will entail tearing down every limiting beliefs or lies and replacing them with our pearls of truth. It is time to take control over your mind by silencing every negative voice and amplifying the positive voices. The fact is, so what if that "plan" does not turn out the way you pictured it? So what if you started something and stopped or took a break? The most important thing is you tried and gave your best. So, start that "plan" anyway. My friend told me "part of our plans growing is executing it without it being fully completed. How is something going to grow if it is already at its full capacity or growth?". Well, here I am. Just like my pace and journey is unique; so is yours. I hope my journey encourages you to be resilient and own your journey; no matter what.


Behind The Blogger

Usually, I am too hard on myself & I am learning it is okay not to have everything all figured out at once. I am learning to pursue progress not perfection. You see, I am a very organized and detail-oriented person so there needs to be structure and order to things for me. However, life doesn’t always turn out the way you intend it to. So, I’m learning to embrace uncertainty and be more flexible; like a clay in the Potter’s hands. Like a clay that believes the Potter made no mistakes and her life is not behind but in His will. Like a clay that trusts in the Potter’s ability to make something beautiful, purposeful and valuable out of this broken vessel. Like a clay that knows that the process of passing through the fire is meant to reveal and fortify her qualifies not destroy her. Like a clay that trusts the Potter has full control to the beginning, in-between and end of this masterpiece. That clay is me. Me is the clay. I am His clay.

Just like you, I am on a journey. Mine is a transitional journey of (re)-discovering, accepting and maximizing my fullest potential. On this blog, I will share my journey towards wholeness. A journey where I consent to the Potters molding, remolding and healing from any delay, pain, skewed expectations, hurt, disappointment, anger, and so on; that kept me from living whole. Everything on this blog will range across

  • education,
  • self-identity (values, purpose),
  • health (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual & financial),
  • relationships (family, friendships, team work & leadership),
  • career.

Remember – you are not your mistakes, what is being said about you or what you are going through. It is only for a season. You are only walking through that valley. You will laugh again. Nothing can break you. The challenges you have faced can help you live an authentic, purposeful and flourishing life. Personally, I started allowing what I was going through define who I was; till I decided not anymore. Instead, I will respond better by owning every part of my journey - unapologetically. Join me on my life-long journey to living, and loving whole.