Damn, One Year Already?

Damn, One Year Already?


1-year blogging? It’s the Lord’s doing oh! My first blog post was publicly shared on February 4th, 2020. Baddybadds will be turning 25 on March 4th and it’s already looking like a calm yet daring year for me. Anyways, I’m very open to (monetary) gifts and being taken care of. Feel free to let the Lord use you ;)  

Through this blog, I discovered a part of me I didn’t know (really) existed. I got to explore the creative side of me. I enjoyed creating graphics using canva for all my content creation. The initial purpose of journaling was to help me first articulate anything “suppressed” and I can say journaling has contributed to my overall wellness. Every time I write, I feel light, peaceful, more self-aware and content towards my journey. I promised myself to enjoy writing by pacing myself on my own terms, so it doesn’t become pain to me.  

I have had people ask what influences the way I write. They are inspired by my personal experiences, my interests, what is happening around me and conversations with people. I discovered I’m a visual learner. So, in my writing process, I tend to virtualize words or images. Then, I connect them to experiences that allow me flow in writing. In terms of structure, I share content once a month, as a way to realistically measure my pace. Usually, I have blog posts already planned, for at least 3 months. However, I have learnt to be more flexible over the year. For example, I knew today was my 1 year blogiversry but I didn’t plan to write about it abeg. I had a different post I scheduled to release this weekend but I woke up around 4AM, worshipped and got inspired to write. Here we are.

In this past year, I have grown to unlearn the concept of “perfection” and adopted the beauty in progression. So far,

I loved. I created room to invest in loving myself unapologetically. All my strengths, my weaknesses, my passion, my heart —the whole damn package. Also, to create room to be loved wholly 🥰

I learnt. I grew in learning more about myself and putting myself first. I learnt how to pause and re-assess. I learnt how to express myself and not keep things then explode like a volcano. I grew in showing and radiating love to the people I value. I learnt how to gather the courage to disconnect from things that trivialized or tolerated me. I learnt how to pace myself. I learnt how to invest in my self-development. I learnt how to practice mindfulness and live in the moment. I learnt how to enjoy moments to the fullest. I learnt how to create time to celebrate my wins, no matter how small. I learnt how to discover new ways to problem-solving. 

I laughed. I create time to laugh, intentionally. What previously made me cry and furious, I grew to laugh at those unpleasant experiences and began to see them less as regrets.  

This year, I want to focus on normalizing difficult yet healthy conversations; as well as share resources that nurture mental wellness

To everyone who has invested their time in visiting my blog, reading my content, showed engagement by commenting and sharing, I want you to know I appreciate you. Thank you for being kind to me. Who knows, there might be a giveaway ;). 

Till then, 

Keep loving, learning & laughing,

Badérinwa Obasa ♡

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CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 💃🏾 To think this is just the beginning!!! MY GOODNESS!! Omo we need that giveaway o 😂😬


Wow, this was such a great read. Seeing the growth and your reflection is encouraging & amazing! Congratulations on one year! 👏🏾 Next year is going to be even better! Can’t wait to come along on the journey!

🥳Woot woot 🥳

🥂to many more years of fascinating and enlightening content girl 🎉 🎊👏🏽😘


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