7 Simple & Proactive Steps To Maximize Your Job Search While At Home During #COVID-19

7 Simple & Proactive Steps To Maximize Your Job Search While At Home During #COVID-19

Prior to this global pandemic, job search was challenging. Now? more stressful. Then for my international students who travelled outside Canada before the restriction ban or those who submitted study permit (renewal) applications? #stressedout. It has left job seekers, and workers who were laid off with concerns over job security, government support and how to make the most out of their job search. There’s a lot of uncertainty and I have had moments of worry but as Lily shared, I’m choosing Faith over fearIt’s time you silence those negative & anxious voices and replace them with positive and faith-filled voices. Since, we can’t control everything that happens, we can control how we respond to them. 

7 simple & proactive steps to help you maximize your job search while at home. 

  • Evaluate. Take this time to re-assess your personal values, career path and personal development goals. Identify challenges you faced from past interviews. It’s important to understand where you are coming from and where you are. It will help you gain clarity so you can understand who you need to be, where you need to be and what steps are required to achieve those goals.
  • Revise. Clean up your resume and cover letter. Tailor them to reflect keywords found in each job posting. Update your LinkedIn profile. Ask trusted friends or professionals who can help you review them. With most companies working from home, interviews will most likely to be conducted virtually. You can practice how to stand out through online interviews. You can also increase in knowledge by taking (free) online courses. Explore these online education sites and check out these Ivy League schools that are offering few online coursesUse this time to add value to yourself, however that looks like to you. 
  • Connect. We can engage with people and build our professional network. Majority of the world is online including employers via LinkedIn. There are some recruiters who indicate “we are hiring” in their bio. You can reach out and connect with them. You can find someone who is doing something you are interested in, ask questions and learn from them. The worst thing that could happen is you don’t get a response and that’s okay. Keep connecting. There will always be a yes or reply somewhere.
  • Continue. Find out what jobs are in demand. It’s true that some companies are laying employees off. Its also true that other companies are looking to hire more people. Be positive, be disciplined, be consistent and continue applying. Trust me, I understand what it means to be told “keep applying” from people who already have a job. It’s not like you don’t know you need to apply, the process just gets exhausting. Nobody likes rejection but there is value in rejection when we chose to learn from it. 
  • Create. Asides from job searching, it’s important we look inwards and feed our strengths. Take this time to do what brings you peace (and profit). You can paint more, write more, read more, take that certification, work on that project, take care of your skin, hone those skills or maybe build that business. It’s also an opportunity to explore other means to be financially stable.
  • Practice Self-Care. You matter boo. Find creative ways to care for yourself while at home. Your emotional, physical, mental, financial, social and spiritual wellness matters. Invest in these areas one day at a time. Take a break. Pause. Breathe. Wash your hands. Go for a walk/run/jog close to home. Exercise. Laugh. Light your favourite candle. Eat your favourite snack. Cook your favourite meal. Organize your home. Take a shower. Read a book. Watch your favourite tv show. Celebrate your progress. Get to know your Heavenly Father personally. Connect with family and friends. Even though we are encouraged to practice physical distancing, please don’t disconnect. Talk to trusted family and friends who care about you. 


Badé Obasa; 10 ways to practice self-care during #COVID-19

  • Release Control. Not everyone likes when their plans gets cancelled. Countries are on lock down to help flatten the curve. As a result, some of our plans had to be cancelled or postponed. Journalling helps me express and release control. I write down my raw thoughts, feelings, where I have been, what I have, where I am and where I want to be. It helps me to be more hopeful, thankful for the little things, and patient with my transformation process. Another way I release control, is to trust in someone who is more certain. I do this by resting in the secret place of my Heavenly Father. He knows everything going on in your career, family and in this world. It’s time to starve your fears and feed your faith in His presence. You & I have access to this place. All you have to do is invite Him into your life, even right now. You can do this simply by speaking verbally or writing down that you want to know His type of peace. In His presence, there is always an exchange. He has the power to give peace and healing to you in the midst of this (global) storm. He has the capacity to carry your burdens in exchange for anything you need. Like a personal relationship with Him? peace of mind? joy? protection? healing? a dream job? a business idea? and more. What a beautiful exchange. When you commit anything into your Daddy’s hands, He does exceedingly above what you could ever ask, think or imagine; in His time. Would you release your fears and trust Him? 
To anyone who has been job searching and laid off during this crisis, please don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s already tough out there but you are way tougher. It’s okay to feel the emotions but try not to dwell in it. We will grow and triumph through this. You have been through challenging situations before. Do you remember when you thought you couldn’t get out of it? Then you did or are getting out of it? Look at you! You will also come out of this more refined. Remember, it’s all about progress not perfection


Badé Obasa; self-care; 7 simple and proactive ways to maximize job search while at home during #COVID19

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