“Why I Started Hosting People At My Home”

“Why I Started Hosting People At My Home”

When I moved to Canada in 2012, I wanted to go back home for Christmas. My friends were going back to Nigeria after one year post-graduation and I wanted to see them to reconnect. Guess what? My dad said no. He said until I finished university lol. So, to my friends who always wondered why I never came back for #dettydecember, that’s partially why 😫.

I wasn’t happy I couldn’t go back to Nigeria so I decided to plan a small event for a few Nigerians in Ottawa who couldn’t go back home. This motivated me to start hosting Christmas events at my place. My thought was that, other Nigerians here don’t have to feel alone during Christmas like I did. I wanted them to know they had a sister in me and eventually get to connect people together #YourPlug. So yearly, I hosted get-togethers and house parties😂. It started off with me cooking and providing drinks for my guests to collaborating with friends to help cook or bake. 

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Then, it grew to not just Nigerians at my place but a few international students. I enjoy putting in the time to make my guests feel welcomed, understood and genuinely cared for. As long as I was involved, I wanted to make sure it was a memorable experience.

On this journey towards healing, self-discovery and purpose, I always questioned what the right career path to take was. It has taken me longer due to fear, not having the complete tools to build or just an imposter syndrome. Lately, I had to reflect on my interests and previous experiences to better understand my passions, strengths and weaknesses. During my time before and through university, I noticed I geared towards anything that had to do with 

  • bringing people together, 
  • standing as a voice for people,
  • providing guidance/care/hospitality to people.

By hosting people in my home during university, I got to meet international students (especially Nigerians); which encouraged me to find ways to represent us on Carleton campus. Eventually, I decided to run for President lol.

In the mean time, enjoy these 2015 throwback videos from an event planned by my team and I (Promo 1, Promo 2 & NEPA2015 Highlight) 😭


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