"Prioritizing my happiness makes the whole process more rewarding and less stressful" - Mary Asekome (CA🇨🇦)

"Prioritizing my happiness makes the whole process more rewarding and less stressful" - Mary Asekome (CA🇨🇦)


Fun FactI am an only child and I have not visited Nigeria since I came to Canada over a decade ago. Looking forward to visiting home soon.


Badé Obasa: Tell us a bit about yourself

Mary Asekome: My name is Mary Anesi Asekome and I’m originally from Edo State, Nigeria. I came to Canada as an international student over a decade ago and although my journey has had so many bumps and turns, it set the pace for future phases of my life as an immigrant in Canada. My love for community development led me to create “The Diasporic Nigerian” - a multi-media platform to highlight the stories of Nigerian professionals in Canada. I am a Communications Studies graduate from York University with over 5 years of experience working in non- profit and higher education. I am very passionate about international students advocacy, access to education and immigration policies. In my free time, I like to host events, try new food, listen to podcasts and take long road trips.

BO: Oshey #PresidoGeng lol. In today’s world, we hear things like “​live your best life​” but what does that actually mean? I believe it is subjective to each individual. What does it mean to “become your best self and live an authentic life”?

MAAs a multi- faceted individual, I have always had to deal with the dilemma of picking between things I'm really good at to try and master one thing but while that would be the most practical solution to this problem, I have now realized that one part will not work without the other so I have to commit myself to continuous self- development in order to find balance and live authentically.


BO: That’s key. This journey of life is filled with ups and downs and I know that as the creative lead of ​The Diasporic Nigerian,​ you have experienced both to get to where you are right now. Share ​one​ of the toughest challenges you (are overcoming) overcame in your journey as a communications professional.​ ​What practical steps did you take (are you taking) to overcome it?

MAI recently switched my career journey and I’m super excited to finally start working within the Communications field. I’m looking forward to the challenges, growth and career development opportunities this role will bring.

BO: It’s important to invest in, care for and stay in touch with our minds, emotions and bodies; as we fulfil our goals. How do you identify when you are stressed, overwhelmed or anxious? What activities do you engage in to maintain holistic (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) harmony?

MA: There’s a popular Nigerian saying which reads: “body nor be firewood” and that’s straight facts. These days, praying, dancing, long walks and podcasts help me deal with burnout and help me recharge.

BO: In this generation, there’s so much pressure to “overproduce“. What advice would you give to millennials to help them stay content with what they have, use the skills/resources within their reach to grow and maintain their lane of grace.

MAAs a content creator, I understand how important it is to be consistent and stick with my social media schedule but I always get bored when things are too rigorous. Once in a while, I take a break from my creator accounts to focus on myself. Prioritizing my happiness while trying to produce content makes the whole process more rewarding and less stressful.


Core Values: Faith and Integrity



To stay connected with Mary, follow her personal pages on Instagram and Twitter. If you are a Nigerian in Canada, make sure you join the community by following and liking her platform.


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“Being an artsy creative seems to be the new trend but not everyone needs to be that.”

Really … Not everyone needs to be that! Periodt!

Professor Jamm

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