Everything Gonna Be, Okay?!

Everything Gonna Be, Okay?!

Dear journal,

I’m falling more in love with watching sunrises & sunsets from my view. I‘m falling more in love with the moments where I’m quiet and alone not because I am sad or lonely but because they are peaceful and enjoyable moments. I find those random moments where I solo dance makes me really really happy #itsalwaysacelebration. More than ever, I just find myself desiring simpler moments, thoughtful people and intentional experiences in my life. I mean, conversations and experiences filled with clarity. Thoughtful acts of service. Two-way intentional friendships/relationships. There’s more but hope you get the point. I’m so grateful for where I’m at in my life and I’m very hopeful for greater. I’m not perfect but I’m progressing and I’m content. I remember overthinking and constantly obsessed with looking forward to the part of my life where everything is okay, you know. That simpler-happier-flourishing-stable part of my life. In this moment, I am grateful that gradually these things are falling into place - one step at a time

On that note, I really can’t believe Insecure is over 😩. This 5-season dramedy series was monumental for black women especially, like me. I had moments where I laughed in recognition and moments where I got a tad bit teary-eyed, oh my! It was the authenticity and attention to details for me. It was the authentic representation and diversity of black people who looked like me on TV. From the mirror self-talk moments, to the awkward moments, to highlighting real-life issues to the celebration of each other’s joys/successes. Gurrrrl, there were so many things that stood out to me that I can go on-and-on about. I love celebrations so I really enjoyed how this finale episode ended. I enjoyed watching each character have their own voice and get what they needed, maybe not what they wanted. We get to see how as they all grow, life gets busy for everyone. However, reminding us that we have the choice to communicate and be intentional about creating time for what really matters to us. It was so beautiful to see the evolution of a respectful, healthy, secure and supportive sisterhood between Issa, Molly, Kelli and Tiffany. I really loved how they didn’t focus greatly on this “all black people are suffering and toxic” narrative but highlighted the beauty that healthy friendships/relationships does exist and should be nurtured. I loved how they highlighted recognizing mental health issues and encouraging self-care. I loved how they showcased the importance of admitting and processing our genuine feelings/thoughts to ourselves (Issa’s mirror moments) and communicating them to family and/or friends who are not spiteful but honest and supportive in our journey to becoming a better version of ourselves. I loved how they showed us how important it is to not avoid but have those tough yet healthy conversations with ourselves and with others (where necessary). After that Issa-Molly fight, I loved how Issa and Molly also had to decide between themselves if it was worth reconciling and respected how they each were going to put in dual-effort to make their friendship work (or not). 

I loved how they showed us they made the choice individually and collectively to stop self-sabotaging their personal lives with flawed decisions they were making. It was the intentionality behind the fact that not everything in our lives have to always suffer but eventually, we can have-it-all when we put in work and go after what we want in our personal, career and love lives. Pheww! Another highlight for me was their stunning costumes, melanin-popping cast and natural hairstyles all the female characters (especially Issa) were pulling off in their own way. In the last season, Molly/Yvonne Orji rocked that low haircut effortlessly. Those natural hairstyles were simple yet reassuring in a way for me. Overall this series showed realistically that it is a life-long journey of making decisions that can help us grow towards becoming a better, intentional, confident and more secure version of ourselves. I’m reminded that everyone’s journey of personal discovery and growth is different, so it’s crucial to focus on what really matters and makes sense to our individual journey. Mahn, I felt seen, satisfied and inspired that it is possible to have it all (whatever “all” means & matters to me). This is indeed a cultural shifting series that is revolutionary, remarkable, refreshing, relatable and rich. This is one of my all-time fave shows. I was watching the documentary and apparently people go to “The Dunes 709” where Issa first lived in the series to take pictures. It is becoming a recognizable cultural landmark, like the Hollywood sign hahaShoutout to the directors, writers, actors and crew members involved in executing this masterpiece. Y‘all did that, OKAY?! 

Me: Everything is (going to be more than) okay! 


Regardless of how your year was, I want you to know everything is truly going to be more than okay. Specifically, it will get better, peaceful, healthier, stable, impactful, abundant, and fulfilling. Remember to give thanks to the source that creates Life and makes everything beautiful, in due time! I love journaling because it allows me to track my wins and process my emotions-thoughts. I find that gratitude keeps us hopeful and opens our lives to receive more. Once again, thank YOU for creating time to read, comment on and share my posts. I wish you a peaceful, joyful and fulfilling new year. Happy holidays ♡

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I love this so much Bade 🥰. Insecure was so so relatable and I loved how the show ended. Everything will truly be okay.

Olufunsho Laniyan

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