Dear Badérinwa,

Pause. Inhale. Exhale. Reflect. 

I want you to reflect on where you were around this time last year or even the past 3 years. They were trashé. You were at your lowest. You felt like you were withering, in every way. Look at the progression in your expression through those journal entries. It was challenging. There were moments you would zone out. Your mind was constantly thinking. Just like some of you reading this. You wondered how bills would be paid. You wondered why you struggled to sleep. You wondered if you will ever be cared for like you care for others. You wondered if you were a burden. You wondered if you misheard God direct you into certain situations. You wondered when you will start to look and feel like yourself again. You wondered what your future held. You wondered when things would be (more) stable. Wonder wonder, wonder wonder🎶 👏🏾


I am so proud of your resilience and reclaiming your power. Look at you now. Indaboskiiiiii. Flourishing at your own pace and your own terms. Taking responsibility for your journey, embracing your scars, discovering the (untapped) beauty within, and living life unapologetically. You are not perfect though. There are still areas you need to improve on but I love your willingness to unlearn, learn & re-learn to be better. You are not where you need to be but you are where God needs you to be right now. I’m so thankful for every ups and downs in the past (& to come) because they are all building the core of your character and quality of your destiny. 

Today, you are healthier emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and relationally. There was a time where you felt that low place would drown you but daddy kept persevering you and you are progressively rising above every low place. 

Here are just a pinch of things I appreciate about you jare. Thank you for being

  • so empathetic, loving, accommodating, energetic and committed.
  • raw about the lessons learnt on your journey. 
  • passionate that sometimes you get misunderstood.
  • eager to connect, host and bring people together. 
  • so willing to admit help, listen, learn and improve the quality of who you are.
  • committed to learning and relearning progressive and healthier mindsets. 
  • intentional about unlearning any unhealthy mindsets, habits and values that do not serve you or limit you from becoming the best (whole) version of yourself.  

      To that person who may be reading this and feels like they are buried, please hold on a little longer. Those dry bones are just about to LIVE again. I know this waiting process feels like it won't end but you are undergoing a refinery process. You will flourish and rise above whatever uncertain or dark time you may be going through. We see a grown flourishing tree but forget it started off as a little seed that started growing roots underground and in the dark. I noticed that when we put chicken in the oven, it goes into a "dark space". With the right ingredients mixed and the right temperature set, our chicken begins a baking/grilling/broiling process. Have you eaten today? Go and eat o. Anyways. That process is necessary to ensure that when the chicken comes out, it is palatable and enjoyable for us to eat. As you reflect reading this, I want to encourage you to SWAP every low place (of delay, hurt, identity crisis) for His high place (of peace, wisdom, healing etc). He truly makes everything beautiful in His time when we ask Him to show us how to give Him full control of our minds, emotions and lives.

      P.s When I leave this earth in God’s time, I want to be remembered for so many things. At my core of these things, is that every encounter anyone had with me, they remember how I made them feel at home, passionately loved, heard, valued and genuinely cared for.

      Badé Obasa; discovery journey

      Loving, Learning and Laughing, 

      Badérinwa 🦋
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      Come on now sis! Love the vulnerability and honesty ❤️


      😂😂😂 @ “trashé”
      This was so inspiring, the love in every single word inspiring love you


      So proud of you. Your growth is that of one that has been redeemed ❤️


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